Graham Greene Quotations
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This compilation of Greene quotations was collected by the late Dr Rudolf van Dalm. He originally hoped that it might be published in book form. The trustees of the Graham Greene Birthplace Trust consider that this is not something that they could undertake, but have agreed to make it available via the Trust’s web site.

We have kept the book form with its introduction, list of contents, quotations from 1920 to 2000 decade by decade, index and bibliography. To access this material, you can download it as either an MS Word file or a PDF file.

If you download the MS Word file and open it in MS Word, you can look up a word in the index and the reference to a page and quotation number will take you to the relevant entry. For example: Find “Satan” leads one to pages 1:5, 80:2, and 89:6 – which is exactly what is shown in the index.

If you download the PDF file, you can use Adobe Reader to open it, and use the “Edit > Find” menu item to take you to all relevant entries for a particular word or phrase.

Graham Greene as a young man


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