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Occasional papers - £2.50 each plus P&P (UK 30p, Europe £1, Elsewhere £1.50)
Title Author Date Pages
Inaugural Lecture Bill West 1997 16pp
Graham Greene and the Berkhamsted Connection John Davison 1998 10pp
The Comic Sense of Graham Greene Neil Sinyard 1999 16pp
Darkest Greeneland: Brighton Rock Cedric Watts 2000 16pp
The Craft of Graham Greene Neil Sinyard 2001 16pp
Graham Greene and Pathos Martin Corner 2002 16pp
The Long Wait for Aunt Augusta: Reflections on Graham Greene's Fictional Women Judith Adamson 2002 15pp
A Burnt-Out Case: an Autobiographical Suicide Rudolf van Dalm 2003 16pp
Greene and Hitchcock – SOLD OUT Mike Hill 2003 16pp
Inside and Outside: Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh Robert Murray Davis 2005 16pp
Ways of Affirmation and Ways of Escape:
Graham Greene in Mexico and the Congo
Tom Aitken 2005 16pp
Ghost on the Rooftops:
How Conrad Haunted Graham Greene
Cedric Watts 2007  
Title Price
1998 Festival (VHS) £6
1999 Festival (VHS) £6
BBC 2 Arena Programmes £10
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Compact Discs (£5 unless otherwise listed)
Date Author Title
  The Voice of Graham Greene: Greene interviewed by David Lodge; Greene on Waugh: Une Façon de Parler. Price £10
1998 Nigel Lewis interviews Paul Hogarth
1999 Michael Meyer  
2001 Roger Watkins Greene and the Theatre
Patrick Salmon Graham Greene’s Scandinavian Lives
Julia Llewellyn Smith Travels without my Aunt
Peter Duffel and Quentin Falk Discussion of the film "England Made Me"
Neil Sinyard All the World owes me a Living
Martin Corner Graham Greene and Pathos
Judith Adamson The Long Wait for Aunt Augusta
Bernard Diederich Graham Greene among Demons and Dictators
2002 Nigel West Graham Greene and the Secret Service
Rudolf van Dalm and Alexander Kulpok Worldwide Perceptions of Graham Greene Part One
  Neil Sinyard It wasn't like that in the novel
  Christopher Hampton Adapting Graham Greene for the Cinema
  Dr Patricia Graham and
Dr Yamagata
Worldwide Perceptions of Graham Greene Part Two
  Anthony Arblaster Graham Greene as aPolitical Novelist
  Maria Couto Graham Greene: Crossing the Frontier
  Professor Valentine Cunningham Greene and Metro Landscapes
  Gloria Emerson and
Tim Waterstone
Graham Greene's Americans and
The End of The Affair (combined CD)
  Christopher Hawtree The Freewheeling Graham Greene
2003 Christopher Neame Monsignor Quixote, the film
  Rodney Bennett and
Philip French
Discussion of the film Monsignor Quixote
  Neil Sinyard Perfect in being Much Too Short
  Tom Hill Greene's Portrayal of Christians and Christian issues
  Tom Aitken The Power and the Glory and
A Burnt-Out Case
  Mgr Roderick Strange A Religious Awareness
Paul Willetts Julian MacLaren Ross: Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia
Professor Bob Davis Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh
Soundtrack of David Pearce’s dramatised version of ‘A Burnt-Out Case’ specially written for the Festival
2004 Neil Sinyard On his new book: Graham Greene – A Literary Life
Alexander Kulpok The German-Austrian Connection
  Tom Aitken Was Judas the Third Man?
The lost childhood in the cinema of Graham Greene
  Professor Richard Greene Graham Greene’s Letters
  Professor David Lodge Graham Greene and the Anxiety of Influence
  Bruce Kent More Power
  Sir John Mortimer Reminiscences
  Robert McCrum Graham Greene and P G Wodehouse
  Louise Dennys A Literary Relationship
  Cedric Watts Ghost on the rooftops. How Conrad haunted Greene
  Brigitte Timmermann Greeneland on the Danube
  Neil Sinyard The Novelist and the Tramp: Greene and Charlie Chaplin
  Norman Sherry vol 3 of his biography of Graham Greene
  Discussion organised by The Tablet on 'Catholicism and Graham Greene'
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2005 DVD and CD sets (unedited) - to order: £10
Date Author Title
2005 Mark Bryant The Art of the Matter: Graham Greene and his works in Cartoon and Caricature
  Tom Aitken Innocents Abroad? 'The Quiet American' and 'Our Man in Havana'
  Sir Peter Stothard Greene and The Times: God exists only for leader writers
  Martin Corner Childhood in Greene's fiction
  Adrian Wootton Graham Greene and the Cinema
  Guy Hamilton interviewed by Neil Sinyard about ‘The Third Man’ and ‘The Fallen Idol’
  Marie Françoise Allain and Euan Cameron A Guiding Light and
Graham Greene: the man of passionate extremes
  John Sutherland The End of the Affair
  Kate Mosse The End of the Affair
  Clive Francis With great pleasure – readings from Graham Greene’s prose
  Dr Rudolf van Dalm The Splinter of Ice
  Neil Sinyard The dangerous third martini: Graham Greene’s experience as a film critic
2006 Bernard Bergonzi Greene and the Critic
  Lord Hattersley English Journeyman
  Ivan Wise Clash of Ideals: Greene and G B Shaw
  Professor Cedric Watts The Power and the Glory: Paradoxes and Pleasures
  Patrick Marnham From the Lawless Roads to Getting to know the General: a political journey
  Miranda France Greene, Argentina and ‘The Honorary Consul'
Dr Michel LeChat Personal/memories and background of ‘A Burnt-out Case’
Rudolf Van Dalm (delivered by Yan Christensen) I am my books: Greene, children and child-women
2007 Professor Robert Davis Figures in Greene’s Carpet
  Professor Richard Greene Over the Border
  William Boyd Heart of the Matter
  David Pearce Readings in the Style of Graham Greene
  Chris Woodhead 'A Burnt-out Case'
  Laslo Molnar and Ramon Ramiporta Greene and Catholicism in Hungary
  Neil Sinyard Limelight in Vienna
  Clive Francis A Greene Occasion – readings from Graham Greene
2008 Libby Purves On ‘Brighton Rock’ and the short stories
  Peter Hollindale Original Innocence, Graham Greene’s Children: the reading of the nature of the child
  Dr Andrew Biswell Saints, Sinners and Exiles
  Rupert, Graf Strachwitz Barbara Greene, countess Strachwitz
  Mervyn Peake The Life and Work of Mervyn Peake
  Brigitte Timmermann ‘I never knew the Old Vienna before the war, with its Strauss music, glamour and easy charm’
  François Gallix The Riddles of Graham Greene: ‘Brighton Rock’ as a literary Catholic Detective Story
  Ian Ker Greene and the Catholic Revival in English Literature
  Darren Middleton Graham Greene’s Evolutionary Theology in ‘Brighton Rock’, ‘A Burnt-out Case’ and ‘The Honorary Consul’
  Chris Mullin My Brief Career as a Novelist – with thanks to Graham Greene
  Neil Sinyard Feuds, Frauds and the Great Sausage Scandal: some reflections on the tortured friendship of Graham Greene and Noel Coward
  Gail Vida Hamburg Alden Pyle – Signifier of American Exceptionalism from the Putiratans to George Bush – and how ‘The Quiet American’ found his way into my novel
  David Pearce ‘Stamboul Train’ and the Timetable for 1932: branch lines, the wrong sort of snow, and ‘going all the way’
2009 Tom Aitken Eccentric Catholics: Graham Greene and Frederick Rolfe as spoiled priests
  Rod Mengham Graham Greene in the Thirties
  Jeremy Lewis The Other Greenes
  Fr. Mark Bosco SJ Graham Greene: Catholic Literary Modernist
  Prof François Gallix The Discovery of the Empty Chair
  Chris Hull Prophecy and Comedy in Havana: Greene’s ‘entertainment’ and the reality of British diplomacy in Cuba
  Michael Billington Graham Greene in the Theatre
  David Crystal Going careful in ‘The Third Man’: a linguistic exploration
  Kate Adie Into Danger
  Neil Sinyard Forgotten Memories and the Mystery of the Tenth Man
  David Pearce ‘Dr Fischer of Geneva’ and coming to terms with terrorism
2010 Jeremy Lewis The ‘Hall’ Greenes
  Prof François Gallix Greene’s Unpublished Material
  Dr Frances McCormack Nothing but a regret: compunction and shame in the Catholic novels of Graham Greene
  Mike Hill Greene and Hitchcock: an illustrated talk
  Peter Hollindale Conrad and Greene in Two Continents
  Tim Butcher Chasing the Devil – How Greene lost his heart to West Africa
  Michael Brierley A (second) Psychoanalyst looks at Graham Greene
  Svetlana Dimcovic On Directing ‘The Potting Shed’
  Prof Thomas O’Connor Double Exposure: Capturing Greene on film
  David Pearce Will the real Graham Greene please stand up?
  Rowan Joffe The re-imagining of ‘Brighton Rock’. A talk illustrated by excerpts from the new film from and still photography
2011 Christian Hofferbert and Mike Hill Godless Greene – Changing Extremes in Greene’s Work, and The Overnight Bag
  Professor François Gallix Graham Greene’s books for children (lecture read by Yan Christensen)
  Martin Jenkins, and
Tim Bentinck
At last the Blue Plaque! and
How Greene was my Childhood?
  Julian Clapp ‘Brighton Rock’ Locations
  Prof Cedric Watts ‘Brighton Rock’, Janus and Proteous
  Prof Joyce Stavick The Not-so-Quiet Americans: University students speak out as Greene film critics
  Prof Michael Brennan Faith and Authorship in the early novels
  Lee Langley Traps and Escapes: adapting Greene for the screen
  Prof Steve Chibnall Problems with Pinkie: adapting ‘Brighton Rock’ for the screen
  Dr Bernard Ineichen Spies, Lies and Dangerous to Believe – espionage in the writings of Norman Lewis and Graham Greene
  Prof Neil Sinyard All writers are equal but some writers are more equal than others
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